The NatHERs Certificate is the thermal ratin gof the BASIX certificate, It provides a Heating & Cooling score, which assesses how energy efficient the building is.( NatHERS is genereally used for multi-dwelling premises) Along with the  BASIX certificate we are also able to offer the NatHERs Certificate service.

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We offer a complete service to conduct and complete your BASIX certificate. We also offer a premium 24hrs service that can enable you to have tour BASIX Certificate avaliable to you the next day.

BASIX Made Easy We offer a complete one-stop-shop for all items required to achieve the necessary Basix approval. We have selected a number of key products that will substantially gain certification in water and energy. They are also quick and easy to install, often in less than an hour.

The easiest method of achieving the minimum Basix requirement of 40% less potable water is the use of rainwater for toilet and laundry usage. This will achieve a 35% score and when coupled with the tap and shower products you are assured of Basix approval.
To achieve the necessary 25% energy saving (soon to be increased to 40%) a wide variety of factors need to be considered in the overall design including, natural breeze ways, slab construction etc. We can assist you with expert advice and key products in solar hot water, insulation and ventilation.

Just Ask… We Design, We Specify, We Deliver, We Install and We Maintain